Welcome to Amedia Cymbals (UK) your home for professional handmade turkish cymbals.

All our cymbals are produced by our highly experienced Master Cymbalsmiths in Istanbul, Turkey and when we say they are hand made we mean they are HANDMADE - unlike the mass produced cymbals of our competitors.

Amedia cymbals guarantee that every cymbal they produce is individual to you and it is this human element throughout the whole manufacturing process that makes our cymbals stand out from the crowd, with the highest standards of quality maintained, at each and every single step.

No matter whether you're new to the kit or you're a working professional, with our ever increasing family of players already using Amedia cymbals, around the world and the vast array of models to choose from, we know we have the right cymbals for you.

So don't follow 'the crowd'............ JUST LISTEN !